Vibrant Hair Color Treatments

Trained in advanced hair coloring techniques and formulation at the Goldwell Academy in NYC.


Single Process Color Menu

Traditional color options time from two hours to two and a half hours.

Single Process Color, this option has a color for everyone. It’s the best option for solid gray coverage and has long-wearing durability.

Single Process Root Retouch: $85 A color treatment that colors only the new growth ( up to 2 in.) for maximum gray coverage.

Single Process Root Retouch w/ Gloss $115:  A treatment to recolor the new growth and refresh the color of the mind-lengths 

Single Process Color Root Retouch w/ Mini Highlight $155: New growth touch-up best for gray coverage with a mini highlight to add natural-looking dimension along the part line or face frame.

Reshade 5-Minute Color Blending $25:  Coloring to dial back some gray but not all the gray. The shades and tones in these color options are dark in the shade with a deep cool tone. This color is semi-permanent. * Does not include a blowout

Gloss Treatment $20:  This color treatment is designed to boost your color by enhancing its vibrancy, adding intense shine, and neutralizing unwanted warm tones. This style of color is a demi-permanent. * Does not include a blowout

Custom Highlight and Handpaint Menu

Specialty color services time from two and a half hours to four hours.

This service creates customized highlights and handpainted color treatments for today’s style. This service often combines a few application techniques such as highlights, balayage, foilayage, babylights, or teasylights to create the best dimensional blonde or brunette colors that reflect the hues, dimension, and maintenance best suited for you.

Mini Highlight / Handpaint $85 Adding dimension at the face frame and the part line.

Partial Highlight / Handpaint $140 Adding dimension from the front hairline through the crown.

Full Highlight / Handpaint $195 Adding dimension from the nape of the neck through to the front hairline.

* Add a gloss treatment for a shadow root for an additional $20


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