Vibrant Hair Color Treatments

Trained in advanced hair coloring techniques and formulation at the Goldwell Academy in NYC.


Single Process Color Menu

Most traditional color options time for two to two and a half hours.

Single Process Color is the best option for maximum gray coverage. We offer a spectrum of natural and not-so-natural-looking colors with long-wearing durability.

Single Process Color Root Retouch (only): $85 – 100 This color treatment recolors the new growth of previously color-treated hair up to 2 inches. This service blends into the mid-lengths and is best for maintaining gray coverage. 

Single Process Color Roots to Ends $115 – 130:  This treatment recolors the new growth and refreshes the color of the mid-lengths to bring back brightness, tonality, and shine to the hair.

Single Process Color Root Retouch w/ Accent Highlight $175:  This service recolors the new growth of previously color-treated hair and is paired with a mini highlight to add a natural-looking dimension along the part line or face frame.

Reshade 5-Minute Color Blending $15 – 30: This service is designed for short hair lengths and blends away some of the grays. These color options are dark with deep cool tones. This color is semi-permanent and lasts four weeks. * Does not include a blowout

Gloss Treatment $35 – 50:  This color treatment is designed to boost your color by enhancing vibrancy, adding shine, and neutralizing unwanted warm/brassy tones. This style of color is a demi-permanent and generally lasts up to two months. 

Custom Highlights and Handpaint Menu

Specialty color services time from two and a half hours to four hours.

Our customized highlights and handpainted color techniques are for creating today’s multi-dimensional color looks. This style uses advanced application techniques to create a spectrum of dimensional color looks. The techniques include traditional highlighting, balayage, foilayage, babylights, teasylights, and tip-outs to create the best-customized looks and maintenance for you.

Mini Highlight $100 This service adds dimension to the face frame or the part line. This is a very low-maintenance service. Great for trying something new or a quick refresh of a pre-existing highlight/handpaint.

Mini Handpaint $80 – 125 This style of color is the ultimate low-maintenance color. Perfect for adding lighter and brighter colors for framing the face.

Partial Highlight $145  This application adds dimension, brightness, and lightness along the front hairline and throughout the crown. This treatment generally needs to be refreshed every three months.

Partial Handpaint $135 – 170 This choice creates a stronger blonde color with an emphasis on lightness and dimension through the mid-lengths and ends while blending into a darker, natural root color.

Full Highlight $195 This service creates the highest impact. It adds dimension from the nape of the neck through to the front hairline. Maintenance is done 2 to 3 times a year and is mixed with either a mini or partial highlight between those services for the best maintenance.

Full Handpaint $195 – 220 This color service creates a high impact yet lower color maintenance than the full highlight. Dimension is created from the nape of the neck to the front hairline. This style can wear well for up to 14 weeks.


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