Curly Hair Cutting

We offer curly hair-cutting services on our menu. Our curly hair specialists are trained in the Deva Curl method of cutting and styling.

For folks with curly or wavy hair, or a mix of curls and waves, we offer cutting services specific to shaping your non-straight hair. This style of cutting approaches curly/wavy hair in its natural dry state. Your haircut is customized to flatter your hair type best. This is achieved by considering your hair’s texture, curl or wave shape, density, and personal maintenance. After your haircut, your hair will be shampooed, conditioned, and the curls will be reset and dried under a diffuser dryer.

If scheduling a curly haircut for the first time, please arrive with your hair having been cleaned within the week and your hair detangled. If detangling is required, there is a $15 fee. 

We use Goldwell’s Dualsenses shampoos and conditioners and Goldwell’s Style Sign styling products; there is an option for every hair type and need.

 Curly Hair Cutting Options

Bang Trim $15

Neck Trim $15

Short Length: $45  This hairstyle is tapered around the nape of the neck, and lengths can vary from close-cropped above the ear to covering the ear. This length is a great option for showing off texture or adding pops of color. These lengths wear well for up to 8 weeks. 

Medium Length: $60  From a jaw-grazing bob to lengths that fall on top of the shoulders. These lengths can be heavily layered or lightly layered; it depends on your sense of style and how much time you prefer to go between haircut cycles. The lengths that fall into this category can often go 10 weeks between appointments.

Long Length: $75  For lengths that fall beyond the shoulders to mid-back. This hair length works well with a fringe and some face-framing layers to keep your hair stylish and long. 14 weeks between appointments is recommended.

Curly Hair Detangling: $15 This service only detangles the curls 

Curly Wet Set: $35 This service shampoos and conditions your hair, and then your curls are dried under a diffuser dryer and reset.


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