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Many people have questions about Hair Motif’s services.

We want a potential clients to have the best communication experience. That’s why we’ve included this FAQ page. If you can’t find the answer you need, you’re more than welcome to call at 804-839-4381 or email at

Why do I have to input my credit card to make an appointment?

This is a goodwill measure we ask from our new clients. The booking software safely stores your credit card info, and we do not charge for the service until completion or a failure to cancel an appointment within  24  hours of the appointment. 

I’m running behind for my appointment. How late can I show up?

If you’re running more than 15 minutes behind, please call the salon to tell us your ETA. We may still be able to accommodate your service. Or we may have to reschedule you for a different time or day.

How late can I cancel an appointment?

Please give us a 48 hr notification.

I have long hair and want to go short. Which cutting option do I choose?

Please select the long hair option. It is a service that requires more time than average when going from long to short hair.

For my color appointment is it best to have dirty hair?

For color treatments, the cleaner the hair, the better. Hair that has oil or product build-up can improperly influence the outcome of the color service.

I prefer a dry cut. Is that an option?

Depending on the desired shape, your hair may need to be washed to achieve the look. However, some haircut shapes can be dry cut. Just have clean hair with no products sitting on the hair.

I want to make a big change to my hair color. What option do I select?

Please select for consultation. Or call so the salon can help guide you to the correct service.

I received a service from the salon and don’t like it. What is the next step?

Please call us at 804-839-4381 or email us at so we can figure out the best resolution.

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