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Hair Motif provides customizable looks for your ever-changing, stylish tastes.

Hair Salon Services & Prices

Custom Highlights and Handpaint Color

This color service is all about today’s dimensional colorwork, from creating lighter, brighter, dimensional blonde color to the “lived-in blonde” look. These services include traditional highlighting, balayage, foilayage, teasylights, or tip-outs to customize the right tone, dimension, and upkeep for you.

Mini Handpaint / junior stylist $95 / master stylist $125

Mini Highlights / junior stylist $70 / master stylist $100

Partial Handpaint / junior stylist $130 / master stylist $170

Partial Highlights / junior stylist $115 / master stylist $145

Full  Handpaint / master stylist $220

Full Highlights / junior stylist $165 / master stylist $195


Single Process Color

This is the best option for maximum gray coverage. This color option is for when you want to maintain your desired color and aren’t interested in embracing gray hair. The color is very durable, and this color service works with all hair lengths.

Root Retouch / junior stylist $70 / master stylist $130

Roots to Ends / junior stylist $100 / master stylist $130

Gloss Treatment

A gloss treatment is a demi color service designed to add shine to natural or color-treated hair and can neutralize unwanted warm/brassy tones. This color service is an excellent add-on to a haircut; for an additional 25 minutes. As a stand-alone treatment, it does not include a blowout.

Junior stylist $20 

Master stylist $35

Curly Hair Cutting

We offer short, medium, and long-length haircutting services for curly-haired folks. This dry-cutting style focuses on shaping the curls in their natural state, then cleaning the hair and re-setting the curls. We also offer pro tips on keeping your curls looking hydrated and bouncy.

Short lengths $45

Medium lengths $60

Long lengths $75

Short Length Haircut

This short-length hairstyle often has a tapered neckline and can either leave the ear exposed or keep the ear covered. This is a great choice for showing off some texture and  leaves the option to add  a pop of color. This length holds up well for 6 weeks. 

Junior stylist $30 – $45

Master stylist $60

Medium and Long Length Haircuts

Medium-length hair falls from a chin-grazing bob to the edge of the shoulders. These shapes can be heavily or lightly layered depending on your sense of style and maintenance.   Long-length hair falls beyond the shoulders, and these lengths look great with a face frame or stylish fringe.

Medium-length / junior stylist $45 – 60 / master stylist $75

Long-length / junior stylist $60 – 75 / master stylist $90


Modern Looks, Healthy Hair

Hair Motif has the experience of helping clients achieve the look they want. Every appointment will be focused on you, getting to know you, and creating your best look. From a regular trim to an entirely new do.

Have questions about your hair? Are you looking for someone new you can trust to maintain your style? Book a consultation and we will answer your questions, give you the options and go over the pricing.

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