Chic Haircut Services 

Most of our haircut services come with a relaxing shampoo and conditioning service, dried and styled. We use Goldwell’s Dualsenses shampoos and conditioners and Goldwell’s Style Sign styling products; there is an option for every hair type and need.

Short Hair Cut Options

  • Bang Trim $10
  • Very Short Clipper Cut Length $25 – $40:  This is a very close-cropped cut perfect for individuals looking for a very tidy but stylish look. This haircut service is usually a dry haircut. But can be shampooed upon request. This haircut requires maintenance every 3-5 weeks.
  • Short Length / top of the ear to the edge of jawline  $40 – $65: This is a short hairstyle that is often tapered at the nape of the neck, and lengths can vary from close-cropped around the ear to just hitting the top of the jawline. This length is a great option for showing off texture or pops of color. This length should last for 6 to 8 weeks. 

Medium/Long Hair Cut Options

  • Medium Length / from the jawline to the top of the shoulder $55 – $85: This is for hair lengths that fall from a jaw grazing bob to the edge of the shoulder. It can be heavily layered or lightly layered. This depends on your sense of style and how much time you prefer to go between haircut cycles. The lengths that fall into this category can often go 8 to 12 weeks between appointments.
  • Long Length / for lengths that fall beyond the shoulder $70 – $100:  For lengths that fall past the shoulder to mid-back. This hair length can support a strong face frame and a light amount of layers for the best shape. 12 to 14 weeks between haircuts recommended.

Combination Color Service with Haircut

  • New Growth Touch Up with Medium Length Haircut $125 – $185
  • Partial Highlight with Medium Length Haircut $180 – $240
  • Men’s Gray Blending with Short Haircut $65 – $80

Children’s Haircut

  • Children’s Cut $30: For children ages 10 and under. Please have clean, detangled hair.  Does not include a blow-dry/styling.


Such a cute salon and everyone is distanced from one another and lots of parking. Love to see everyone thriving.

Will honestly follow Drew everywhere. She does such a great job and knows how to take care of my hair and be honest and up front about what I want and how execution will be.

Shannon Ngo | Richmond VA

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